Training Center

Training Center

The Training Center is where guides get trained up on how to run a code club. Fiero Code 101 through 104 cover everything you need to run a code club for the first time. They're organized in a self-guided, self-paced format that will allow you to go at your own pace. 

Users will be required to register to access the training material.

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    • Slides from Training

      Here is a link to the slides we used in our training videos from the Training Center. Feel free to reference them as needed.  Training Slides link >
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      Building a successful community is a team effort. And we know that the most successful code clubs use volunteers. But volunteers can be hard to find. So we want to show you how to get your first (or fifth!) volunteer for code club! We do this  in 3 ...
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    • Keep Coders Interested and Engaged

      A facilitator’s job isn’t to teach coding. Good thing, because most of our facilitators don’t know how to code! Instead, we place these people in our programs to facilitate incredible learning environments. That means a lot of encouragement, ...