Manually Enroll Students

Manually Enroll Students

Fiero Code has a way to manually enroll students in your Programs. This is particularly helpful in school settings where teachers have a list of student emails and want to create accounts in Fiero Code for all of their students ahead of time. 


1. Create a Program.
Navigate to the Programs page in the Admin portal and create your Program.
2. Enroll Students using the Enroll Students option.
Click "Enroll Students" to the far right of the program name.

3. Select "Manual Entry."
After selecting "Manual Entry" you can paste a list of comma-separated email addresses into the box. All of these email addresses will have accounts created in Fiero, and will receive automated emails from Fiero inviting them to accept your invitation to their program by clicking a link. 

4. (Optional) Upon clicking the link to accept the invitation, students can sync their accounts to use Google Single Sign On if they would like by clicking the profile icon in the top right, then selecting their account, and then syncing with Google. 

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