Keep Coders Interested and Engaged

Keep Coders Interested and Engaged

A facilitator’s job isn’t to teach coding. Good thing, because most of our facilitators don’t know how to code!

Instead, we place these people in our programs to facilitate incredible learning environments. That means a lot of encouragement, occasional high fives and fist-bumps, and positivity that would give Mary Poppins a run for her money.

This is what you’re great at! Seriously, you’re a natural at this.

Watch Kelly’s video below for some practical pointers.

Embrace a growth mindset.

At Fiero Code, we believe that anyone can learn anything. Crazy, right? We’ve built our whole program around this philosophy. Sometimes, however, a coder will feel lost in this mindset. When they don’t have someone standing over their shoulder tell them what to do, they’re not sure what to do, and end up losing interest.

It’s the facilitators job to encourage them to embrace the “growth mindset.” “What would you like to learn?” is a great question. Ask them if they want to learn websites or apps or games, and point them in the right direction. Help them avoid losing motivation by opening up their minds to the fact that they can do anything!

Guide them into the next thing.

Sometimes coders will get stuck in a particular software or training program like Scratch. They’ll start by doing lessons, and 6 months later will still be playing the same games or remixing the same projects.

As a facilitator you can gently bring them back to the Prenda app and advance them to the next task.


If a coder has a clear vision on what they want to learn or what they want to make, they’re stay motivated. That’s why the very first lesson in our program has the coders fill out a form where they can set goals for what they want to get out of code club.

Remind coders of their vision. Remind them that, if they stick with it, they can make games or websites or apps.

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